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Using the shorthand

Experienced programmers tend to try and type as little as possible to accomplish their goals (so long as it is readable).

As a result, it's important for you to be familiar with and use the shorthand for when you have a variable and you are performing a math operation on itself!

var += 1 is shorthand for var = var + 1
var -= 3 is shorthand for var = var - 3
var *= 5 is shorthand for var = var * 5
var /= 2 is shorthand for var = var / 2

Use this shorthand to follow the steps in the comments to perform the math operations on the variable 'change_me'.

Test Cases

test shorthand - Run Test

def test_shorthand():
    assert change_me == 6
change_me = 2 # Use the shorthand to multiply change_me by 3 and store the result in change_me # Now add 10 to change_me # Subtract 4 from change_me # Divide change_me by 2