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Overwriting variables

An important part about storing information in variables is that you can change or overwrite what is stored if you choose to. In this assignment overwrite the data in the two variables provided.

Note: When using the assignment operator =, the information to be stored is on the right side of the = and the variable it is stored in is on the left side.

#      Left                             Right
variable_to_store_data = "data or calculation on this side"

Test Cases

test overwrite - Run Test

def test_overwrite():
    assert old_variable == "hats"
    assert another_old_variable != 42
old_variable = "pants" another_old_variable = 42 # Overwrite "old_variable" and change it's value from "pants" to "hats" old_variable = ? # Overwrite "another_old_variable" to something different on the line below