Solution 1

your_name = "Santiago"
length_of_rmotr_domain = 9

Solution 2

your_name = "Jason"
length_of_rmotr_domain = 9

Fun with Strings

Please complete the code to include the two placeholder variables (your_name and length_of_rmotr_domain).

The variable your_name is simple, just put your name as a String. You can use single quotes (') or double quotes ("), it's your choice. In Python it's the same.

The other variable is length_of_rmotr_domain. It's a little bit more complicated. We want you to save in that variable a number that represents the length of the previously defined rmotr_domain variable. The simple answer is 9, because has 9 characters. But we want you to compute it dynamically, counting how many characters there are in the rmotr_domain variable.

Test Cases

test your name is not empty - Run Test

def test_your_name_is_not_empty():
    assert your_name != ''

test length of rmotr domain - Run Test

def test_length_of_rmotr_domain():
    assert length_of_rmotr_domain == 9
course = "Intro to Python" your_name = ? rmotr_domain = '' length_of_rmotr_domain = ? # Hint: check the `len` function