How to Get Help?

Communication is key at RMOTR. It's our core value. We encourage you to reach out whenever you have a question or any particular comment. Let's start with the technical requirements to communicate: slack.

Your TA

During your first week at RMOTR, you should have met your Teacher Assistant. She/He is the number one person to reach out in case you have questions or issues in general.


Slack is our main communication tool; everything happens on Slack. You can download apps Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If you don't want to download a particular client/app, you can always use the browser version:

Slack channels

Slack has many useful channels that you can browse to discuss freely about different topics (#general, #djangonauts, #flaskers, #pythoners, etc). But there are two particular channels that are the most important ones: #mentors-help and your own cohort's channel.

Mentors help

This channel is the main one used to get help from mentors. Just join the channel and send your questions by prepending your messages with the token @here (this will send notifications to logged in mentors):


Your group's channel

At rmotr, you'll be part of the same group during the entire course. Your group will have its own slack channel. It's a good place to share with your team whatever you want. For example, this is the Intro to Python channel from January's cohort: