Welcome to RMOTR!

Hello there! Welcome to our Introduction to Python Programming course. If you're about to start our course and you feel a little bit lost, don't worry. This is the right place to start. We'll provide a few pointers here and give you some direction to begin. But before we do that, remember that you can ALWAYS reach out to us for help. Let's get started! This document will show you the following topics:

  • Requirements before the course
  • This platform
  • How to join a class
  • How to get help

Requirements before the Course

This course is intended for Python beginners. However, we require a little bit of Python knowledge before our first class. Don't have any? That's okay! If you're completely new to Python or programming in general, just take a look at the material from our Free Python Course. It serves as prep work for this course. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 days to go over everything. This course picks up where the Free Python Course leaves off, so please try and prepare accordingly. The more you know upfront, the better experience you'll have!

This Platform

This is our custom built Learning Platform. We just call it learn for short. This document contains all the information you might need to get started: https://learn.rmotr.com/python/how-to-use-this-platform/introduction/introduction

How to join a Class

Our classes are currently conducted with the Zoom videoconference software. Please check this document with setup instructions: https://learn.rmotr.com/python/rmotrcom-students-guide/introduction/required-tools

How to get Help

Remember you can always reach out to us if you have questions. More info in this document: https://learn.rmotr.com/python/rmotrcom-students-guide/introduction/how-to-get-help