Create List with One Element

Great news! You have been given a special opportunity to make another list! Yes!

This time, create one with just one element or item in it. You also need to count how many elements the list my_list has with the len function: it's obviously 1 ;)

For this assignment, we will make that item be a predefined variable about chickens.

Good luck.

Test Cases

test list one elem - Run Test

def test_list_one_elem():
    assert my_list == [number_of_chickens], "Your list doesn't contain the number of chickens :("
    assert length_of_my_list == 1
# First, we need to set up a variable. # Replace the ? with how many chickens you think have crossed the road today. number_of_chickens = ? # Set up a new list `my_list` containing the number_of_chickens variable! Wooo! my_list = ? length_of_my_list = ? # Use the `len` function to count how many items `my_list` has.