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whatever you Sir access your page that use or will be soon meeting managed to keep me request

along with that request you will be able to find additional information for example the idea other is over day use heard that some

quest special heather's to throw

plus it has a special mechanism that will letters accident information in a simple way

the way to the US and you can check they owes him request you pull Montiel he's by importing their request attractive from the lost money in this case I'm importing the class request and I'm checking some information

the first thing that I'm going to do is show you a particular template that will render their entire information of my request

so for example it will tell fonts that I am using a mobile out over five grocer even

IBM will leave a will specify the party can our host that I was trying to access the data types that excess because

types that it says take speech TML it's a thriller different types of information that I did floss or request will keep you

we can access this particular request data either in the template I am doing right here and just doing request dot on the particular information that I want to get or you can access it inside of your code with the request option


I'm showing you two examples here first in a template and also if you

Wellesley I am useing there remota del remote address provided by their request to try to get or guests Philip cation off the current user are making that particular request

this is not working and you can see here the location is not shown because they clown line work space he's

kind of shadowing my original request even though it's created right here if I can change the certified campus that have you seen their remote that remote operators

try to get the spark TQ are ex forward as poor heather I will be able to gaze to parking Derek aged

when I try to answer to get my location dis my current IP

Tina if you seen these free shiho I. P. service I can get the parking third occasion

of these IP Congress I'm going to just go ahead and instead of using the remote address how will change these to use there heather provided by the request

if you paid attention update template that where you seen we are each raking through all the heathers in our request and we're printing that follow

from here we can see that flask is giving us in there heather's OB I threw me out of the request of shake a dictionary with the key but it's the name on the value called out of that particular header so I could easily use these calls in my power

and goats I'm just going to get the hitter kind instead of using their request dog remote others I will use request of heathers and they bother you that I want to get

is that ex

forwarder forwarded for volleys

heather so I will say if these I am going to refresh this page

and we are going to see their location

that I'm currently standing means so we have should just use the

data provided by flask about the request of the user in these days it's myself

when courage you to read the documentation of floss to see all the parameters that you can access from the request made by the user important to note here is that the request information

and by the user so I use her could schist mark or fake ID data that it sent me a ride the U. circuit saying that the find I. P. others or any friends you serration

it's just control by the use her so we can just crossed that beta so be careful of what you're doing without party did our data

%HESITATION we have seen that another important feature of the frost framework in these cases making release him

for us

to request data it's parson entire request and it's just giving ask the artist to a particular object recall the date at these one of the beauties

as part of your friends

we're getting closer to more it bans on useful obligations so let's keep pouring