Flask Redirects

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if you have read it now about HTP you know that there are different rhetoric making

it's when a user is trying to access our resource York trying should just to resurrect him or her to a different place

because of the prime reasons

sometimes got work to do your research east are temporarily in another place you can all boxes that resource for %HESITATION limited PO top of

that will involve a three year olds who responds up real to me as a rather action a temporary radiates

you will not be able to access the script source temporarily please go to the school of cage

some other times the rhetoric should be permanent these research house completely changed

the location and from now on you should go look it up these older location that's a three oh one read it we're going to show you know think of how to translate that into floss code which is

a person

with that we have to type of credit to do

the first one is their temporary rated so whenever someone is trying to talk to some

do your research you will tell him or her to be redirected to a particular %HESITATION different location

where simulating these with the home page of our open eight example

so I will if I go to the home page for world occasion I will be resurrected to the request info based is basically the same thing we're using

otherwise these well maybe we don't have the home ready or we are schist trying things out so we are rejecting I use her temporarily to in your luggage

we also have a permanent rejected three you one we are simulating these with this lot you core route we are supposing that before I don't know

we were naming these particular resources just sloshed info

but maybe go to confuse or something so we decided to name it now read

info on from now alone all the users trying to access these resources will have to go to there slash request you people are

resource so if we get our use heard that it's lacking the maybe she or he doesn't know about this change hands she's trying to go to this party terrorists first we will read detectives use or to request info bot we will also tell shirt or he'd that they coded that did rhetoric

permanent reject you sit three three oh one as you can see here

their way to differentiate these two rexes super simple you will just create a rhetoric by importing to read acts function from the flask framework on just specifying that parking your co did you wanna

%HESITATION include with your red direct three one or three of three oh two Eastview don't specify the coded by default because we are doing in

index page the code will be three oh to tamper

%HESITATION this physically even as he gets here frost also make the party dinner process super simple about critics

we see how

things are being done really really simple and it's easy in this shop courthouse

in the following videos were going to start to get more professional interrogation starting using databases

things more insight

but with us and see you in the next one