Our First Webapp

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no previous video we took care of to set up a propagation creating a virtual environment on installing the gloss

in this video we're going to see more detail how do you application actually works

I see my house seen these and hard his oral it's going to be divided the court steps that we can take to seem different creatures of the plots quivering

the first one is it better simple application

it might be the simplest obligation and you can build with your to floss web friend

in this case we are defining on up all fixed and that the apple tree is being import in the run


I've compiled in this case we have to understand that up in this case it's just not true created out of the cloud


we are Dan in the run up you sing their obligation to mark some settings to do some configuration how finally we are running the application

DC opt out the run he vocation will hold execution on whim wait for calls by different clients so let's Spain are classic obligation as you can see here it's running but if I go in the axis application

I wept grocer

I will see

I knew lying low and the response from the server

it's important to understand here that day upto the run cold he's creating our web server I'm waiting for requests by different clients

these web server is intended for development only it should then be used

on production environments it's not a robust web server to choose for testing and develop

let's take a deeper look at our application options

in this case the obligation of trip again it's just created out of the last class and it's doing just one particular thing

finding a route they're out slash right there route before web server where obligation is going to be there slosh route right here

it's decorating a simple function with these rounds alright so whenever I'm client access date slosh route either application

it will be served whatever was returned by dis hill world function alright this past simple as that

the important part here is done by dis the greater the route the greater and if you don't know much about their graders don't worry you can always check our past life of course and there are more information about the great

there is important understand here that flossing is taking care of a lot of details for us we are schist defining a simple function and where returning this dream that we want to return **** floss he's taking care of a lot of things in the background it's processing or parsing the request come by the client on is creating a full fledged age to be responds for are applying these case we find suspect

the network and I see what is going on here we are just returning the symbols

string but because it's actually returning and we can see it right here


full fledged HTP response with a protocol with content type with the content length it's it's a it's a it's a lot of work for us simplifying the work that we have to do to create a web application

in the following videos mobile gets at each one of the steps I will see how the application come become more complex ought to support or their use case