Course Introduction

Welcome to our Flask Tutorial! This is a comprehensive step by step guide that will walk you through the process of creating a real life website using Python and the Flask Web Framework.

This course is part of our online Advanced Python Programming Course. If you're looking to learn Advanced Python concepts in an online classroom with real instructors and mentors, check out all our online Python Courses

Thought for beginners

This tutorial starts from the very beginning, explaining fundamental concepts about Web Development, Client Server architecture, and HTTP, the protocol that supports the World Wide Web. We'll start slowly showing you every step in the process of setting up your application: creating virtualenvironments, installing dependencies, running the app, etc.

Step by Step

We'll work with an Open Source flask project that is structured in the form of individual steps that you can just plug so you can do a walkthrough the project. You can always jump back and forth between steps in order to understand how things are changing. This Open Source and Free project is hosted on Github, so you'll have complete access to it.

Flask is the right choice

We chose Flask for this tutorial because it's the best way to understand how the web works. After our tutorial, you'll have the required concepts to jump into other Web Frameworks like Django or Tornado.