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well those on your vehicle for web development with phlox tutorial in this video we're going to focus on the set up of double gauge will create a virtual environment uninstall the classic fantasy everything that we need to get our obligation on rye

I want to focus on their running applications so you can try things by yourself and you know how

wait for the following these you which of course we will explain what is going on and how that location

actually works so let's get started

as you guys know all the content of the story is going to be free and open source you can access all of its own

in this case I have created a clowning workspaces so you can how boxes of all the work that we too in a third to Peter's heart attack

what we have to do the first thing we have to do is create a fertile environment to extol a flask abandons

I'm going to do MK their clan to commence agreed others on mom and

and I will decide I mean that I'd like in this case which is going to use clock


once the vehicle and it is created you will see that it is octave because you will see that plus introduction

and that a K. on this heart of my prompt

I will now he's told the clocks dependency

you will see that these reports are you also contains a requirements file that basically leaves all the requirements for these particular application

if you instead of installing clathrate so we want to use our requirements file you can just use a command like

it is dole lines are on their requirements

the GXT file

it's good to be seen it are the good thing about the requirements while the weekend least particular versions we want us all from a library

now that we have floss install we need to run our obligation

the main file please repost or is going to be the runner up file right you can find it you side of the plus introduction directory

down there you see run obligation that pie

I will shift to one with my virtual environment active I was just too I thin

but by

after I do these you guys will see that the console is taken over by plus by the glass server and you will see soon %HESITATION information message is showing that the obligation he's

after delegation is running I conscious go to a particular your health

I'm open to eat and I will see that delegation is actually going open if I open the library and I see that first obligation that how I see these welcome to our library Mrs

that is the same one but I'm seeing right here

again I will don't want to focus on the details I returns with these particular obligation I just want you guys to


every time you access these resources you will get on you log file a localized Tory each

there are a few things interesting down here after we import our application we are sending the debug mode to true and we are making some coffee rations so you can



%HESITATION you might have different nations and you will have to try different configurations for his part

if you're up but in general terms is going to be simple to have it vanishes with these default settings

join us in the following video to understand how floss complication works and create your own work