Solution 1

def count_words(a_string):
    words = a_string.split(" ")
    word_count = {}
    for word in words:
        # could also be expressed as:
        # word_count[word] = word_count.get(word, 0) + 1
        word_count.setdefault(word, 0)
        word_count[word] += 1
    return word_count

def get_list_of_duplicates(word_count_dict):
    duplicate_list = []
    for word, count in word_count_dict.items():
        if word not in duplicate_list and count > 1:
    return sorted(duplicate_list)

Analyze String

Write a function that takes a large string, cleans it up and breaks it into individual words, counts how many times each word is used, and then returns a list of words that are repeated.

That sounds like a lot of things, so break it up into two functions and simplify the problem.

Complete the functions count_words so that it receives a_string as an input and processes the string so it becomes a list of words. Then return a dictionary with a each word in the list as a key and how many times that word is repeated (the count) as the value.

Then complete the function get_list_of_duplicates that receives that word count dictionary and returns a SORTED list of each of the items in it that are repeated more than once.

We need to sort the final list answer because dictionaries are unordered and lists are ordered, so when we are creating our list it will likely be created in a different order each run.

string = """Happy Python Programming Programming Programming Happy Me"""

count_words(string) == {"Me": 1, "Python": 1, "Programming": 3, "Happy": 2}
get_list_of_duplicates({"Me": 1, "Python": 1, "Programming": 3, "Happy": 2}) == ["Happy", "Programming"]

Test Cases

test dictionary with count - Run Test

def test_dictionary_with_count():
    string = """Happy Python Programming Programming Programming Happy Me"""

    assert count_words(string) == {"Me": 1, "Python": 1, "Programming": 3, "Happy": 2}

test list of duplicates - Run Test

def test_list_of_duplicates():
    string = """Happy Python Programming Programming Programming Happy Me"""

    result = ["Happy", "Programming"]

    assert get_list_of_duplicates(count_words(string)) == result

def count_words(a_string): pass def get_list_of_duplicates(word_count_dict): pass