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Greater or less than

Just like the equals/not equals operators, when comparing numbers you can check if they are greater or less than each other.

Your toolkit: <, >, <=, >=

Note that the for <= and >= the equal sign comes AFTER the < or >, kind of similar to the shorthand in the previous assignment.

Complete the code for some practice.

Test Cases

test lessequal - Run Test

def test_lessequal():
    assert less_or_equal_to_12 == True

test greater - Run Test

def test_greater():
    assert greater_than_15 == False
num1 = 12 # Replace the ? with the equality operator to check if num1 is greater than 15" greater_than_15 = num1 ? 15 # Finish the code to check if num1 is less than or equal to 12 less_or_equal_to_12 = ?