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Get Variance from List

Perhaps you need to calculate some statistics on data you have.

You COULD write your own code to do this. But you are a strong, confident, successful programmer with a busy schedule and ain't nobody got time for dat (unless you want the practice).

Import the statistics library and write a function get_variance_from_list that receives the list a_list and returns the variance for the numbers in that list using a method from the library.

Note: This particular library only works in python versions 3.4 and greater. Make sure when you run this code you have it set to Python 3 in the platform (button in top right on Learn)!


get_variance_from_list([1, 3, 8, 4, 22]) # 71.3

Test Cases

test get variance - Run Test

def test_get_variance():
    assert get_variance_from_list([1, 3, 8, 4, 22]) == 71.3
# Import the library here (must be python 3.4+)! def get_variance_from_list(a_list): pass