Help a String Get Lucky

Use a while loop to complete the function get_lucky so that it receives a string poor_string and an integer lucky_number as a parameter. Add "7" to poor_string an amount of times equal to lucky_number and return the result.


>>>  get_lucky("rabbit foot", 3)
'rabbit foot777'

>>>  get_lucky("shiny penny", 5)
'shiny penny77777'

Hint: You can use the += operator to concatenate new stuff to strings.

Another Hint: You might need to keep track of how many times you've added the string "7" somewhere. And watch out for those infinite loops. They're dangerous!

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Test Cases

test luckiness - Run Test

def test_luckiness():
    assert get_lucky("shiny penny", 5) == "shiny penny77777"

Solution 1

def get_lucky(poor_string, lucky_number):
    count = 0
    while count < lucky_number:
        poor_string += "7"
        count += 1
    return poor_string
def get_lucky(poor_string, lucky_number): pass