Check out of boundaries

Define a function check_out_of_boundaries that receives a number and returns
True if it is greater than 10 OR less than 0 and False otherwise.


>>> check_out_of_boundaries(7)
>>> check_out_of_boundaries(12)
>>> check_out_of_boundaries(-3)

Test Cases

test in boundaries - Run Test

def test_in_boundaries():
    assert check_out_of_boundaries(7) is False

test over 10 - Run Test

def test_over_10():
    assert check_out_of_boundaries(12) is True

test negative - Run Test

def test_negative():
    assert check_out_of_boundaries(-3) is True

Solution 1

def check_out_of_boundaries(number):
    if number > 10 or number < 0:
        return True
    return False
def check_out_of_boundaries(number): pass