Solution 1

word1 = "burnt"
word2 = "flakey"
word3 = "happy"

pizza_time = [word1, word2, word3]

Create List with Three Elements

What? You want more practice with lists?! Geez, you must really like them. Fine.

This time, we're going to expand on the previous assignment.

What's better than a list with one element? A list with three elements. Great!

Use the three word variables word1, word2 and word3 to create a list pizza_time that contains those three words.

Test Cases

test list three elem - Run Test

def test_list_three_elem():
    assert type(pizza_time) == list
    assert len(pizza_time) == 3
    assert pizza_time == [word1, word2, word3]
    assert type(word1) == str
    assert type(word2) == str
    assert type(word3) == str
# Enter 3 words to describe pizza word1 = ? word2 = ? word3 = ? # Now make a list containing each of these words and store in a variable called `pizza_time`.