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Sum if list only contains integers

Define a function sum_if_list_of_ints that receives a list and uses a loop
to make sure the list only contains integers. If so, it returns the sum of
the integers. If not, return 'not an int'.

Hint: Use isinstance again to determine the type.


>>> sum_if_list_of_ints([1, 2, 3])
>>> sum_if_list_of_ints([1, 'a', 3])
'not an int'
>>> sum_if_list_of_ints([])

Test Cases

test empty list - Run Test

def test_empty_list():
    assert sum_if_list_of_ints([]) == 0

test sum of ints - Run Test

def test_sum_of_ints():
    assert sum_if_list_of_ints([1, 2, 3]) == 6

test mixed list - Run Test

def test_mixed_list():
    assert sum_if_list_of_ints([1, 'a', 3]) == 'not an int'
def sum_if_list_of_ints(a_list): pass