Color mixer

Define a function color_mixer that receives two colors color1 and color2
and returns the color resulting from mixing them in EITHER ORDER.
The colors received are either red, blue, or yellow and you should return:

Magenta if the colors mixed are red and blue

Green if the colors mixed are blue and yellow

Orange if the colors mixed are yellow and red


>>> color_mixer('red', 'blue')
>>> color_mixer('blue', 'red')
>>> color_mixer('blue', 'yellow')
>>> color_mixer('yellow', 'red')
import unittest

class ColorMixerTestCase(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_red_blue(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('red', 'blue'), 'Magenta')

    def test_blue_red(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('blue', 'red'), 'Magenta')

    def test_red_yellow(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('red', 'yellow'), 'Orange')

    def test_yellow_red(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('yellow', 'red'), 'Orange')

    def test_yellow_blue(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('yellow', 'blue'), 'Green')

    def test_blue_yellow(self):
        self.assertEqual(color_mixer('blue', 'yellow'), 'Green')