Your task is to write a single line of code, that repeats the input string s 5 times.

You are not required to know the concepts of function in python. All you need to know that the string that you have to work on is stored in a variable s. In your solution, you need to delete the comment next to the return statment and write your code there.

Note: It's important that return followed by your code are in one line.

Hint: The solution to this assignment is a single line of code.

- If s contains "*" then your answer should be "*****"
- If s contains "hey" then your answer should be "heyheyheyheyhey"
- if s contains "*.*" then your answer should be "*.**.**.**.**.*"

import unittest

class TestFunWithStrings(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_answer(self):
        self.assertEqual(fun_with_strings("hello"), "hellohellohellohellohello")
        self.assertEqual(fun_with_strings("*"), "*****")
        self.assertEqual(fun_with_strings("*.*"), "*.**.**.**.**.*")
        self.assertEqual(fun_with_strings("hey"), "heyheyheyheyhey")